Property – We offer a complete range of property legal services.

Residential Property – Sales and purchases are generally straight-forward however, from time to time, there can be problems. For instance, there may be construction problems with a house or unpermitted alterations which may leave a property uninsurable. Sometimes there are restrictions affecting the title which are not immediately obvious when the contract is signed. We recognise that sales and purchases are the most significant financial transactions most people enter into during their lives. Careful consideration of ownership is important. Therefore, we recommend that contracts be reviewed by us before they are signed rather than afterwards. We recognise the need for clear and timely reporting to our clients so that they can deal with any potential problems and understand the process of the transaction.

Commercial property – We act for a range of significant commercial property owners. Our work involves the sale and purchase of industrial and commercial property together with subdivisions, setting up strata title structures and commercial leasing.

Leasing – We deal with a wide range of commercial leases of all types of property where rents can range from between $10,000 to over $1,000,000 per annum.

Company – We advise on a wide range of company matters including incorporation, company structures, shareholder’s agreements and ancillary company and commercial contracts and arrangements.

Trusts – The firm has a significant number of trust clients and in certain cases we will act as a professional trustee. Trust law is a changing and dynamic area where particular care is required. Trusts may be of limited value to some clients and so unnecessary. Our objective is to identify individual client’s needs and advise them whether they in fact need a trust and if they do need a trust or trusts what the best trust structures might be.

Family – We advise on a range of family related legal issues such as Relationship Property Agreements, Separation Agreements and custody related matters. These frequently overlay trust, estate and property advice.

Mortgages and Securities – the firm deals with mortgages, securities and other forms of lending. We can give up to date and accurate advice on risks (including minimised risk) and loan structures. The structure of securities can be important from a risk and taxation point of view.


Where specialist advice is required (for example in significant commercial litigation or taxation) we brief specialist legal practitioners.

We service a wide client base including individuals, families, companies and other incorporated bodies. Our clients range from personal clients to substantial property owning and development companies. Our aim is to provide practical, timely and personal service to best meet our client’s individual needs.